About Me

If I had to describe myself in a sentence, I’ll say “I’m an economist with a quirky taste in life”. My mother was an economist too- so I think it runs in the blood. I’m rather passionate about the subject as the whole, and while I have really ready opinions about most economic matters, I try not letting it cloud my teachings too much.

I teach economics to high school students, which is a rather daunting task. I am incredibly pop culture savvy, and I’ve been a comic nerd since I was a child as well. I have two dogs and a cat (surprisingly, I think they like each other more than they like me).

I’m currently working on my own book about economic theory (a passion of mine that is finally coming true, after years of painstaking research and dedication). This blog is my attempt to summarize and simplify what is happening with the Australian economy- this is knowledge that has to be accessible to all.

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