Investment in Australia

It has been risky to invest in these times of economic crisis. No sector or region has been left untouched by the economic slow down. However there has been an increase in foreign investment in Australia. Surprising but true.

Investments in Australia
Investments in Australia

When the whole world’s countries are seeing investors pull out or at least decrease their stake, why are investors increasing their stake in Australia?

  • Uninterrupted Growth – Australia is seeing 24th straight year of growth. Nothing has been able to stop it. The economy is well diversified and service based. High productivity drives all the industries forward emancipating growth and bright future. High ratings by all global rating agencies adds to the already positive business environment.
  • Driving Innovation – Australian economy has been embracing and promoting innovation over the years. Focus on research and development and education. New developments have helped the economy grow. It has been the place for innovations and discoveries.
  • Diverse workforce – The people living in Australia are from many cultures around the world speaking different languages. They comprise the workforce which is among the most educated in the world. Forty percent of the working population has an additional qualification which helps the overall productivity.
  • The Asian connection – Australia has been the traditional business partner of Asia. The geographical proximity makes it easier for trade. The trade with Asia is only next to US and UK. The ever-growing Asian market has led its own speed to the Australian growth.
  • Simple regulations – Doing business in Australia is easier than most countries around the world. It stands among the most transparent business environment. This helps to get the foreign investments and get the business kick started.


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